Why Meisha started M:PT

"Like I said, I've been there. In 2007, I was overweight, unfit and unhappy. Something had to change. And like a lot of you, I tried a popular diet that assured results and after 4 hard months, I had lost 2 stone and had never felt better! But, thanks to a hectic lifestyle and poor understanding of weight control, it crept back on.

Only after completing my degree and diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition did I really appreciate the importance of focusing on being healthy, not skinny. And with the balance of a weekly routine of exercise and healthy diet, my weight has never been managed so effectively."

Inspiring, supportive and motivational. Share your goals and Meisha will devise the plan to get you there. Cycling London to Paris didn't seem possible a year ago, been there, done it and got the T shirt.

Why M:PT?


Whether it be weight management, nutritional education, lifestyle coaching, rehabilitation, or just a new challenge, M:PT will have the answer. Having worked with a variety of people with a wide range of goals and lifestyles over 11 successful years, M:PT strives to make each individual's experience completely unique. So if you're looking for a complete guide or just a helping hand to get you where you want to be, contact M:PT today.

The best decision I ever made!

I see Meisha for Personal Training sessions twice a week.

In just 10 months I've lost two stone in weight & feel really happy & much more body confident.

Meisha has transformed my lifestyle in terms of what I eat & drink now & has shown me different ways to exercise. Her PT sessions are fun & challenging & they are never the same.

She has an infectious personality full of hope & determination for you & she gets the results, IF you do YOUR end of the bargain & do what she says.

Like I said, deciding to work with Meisha, is the best decision I've ever made.

Brilliant. Meisha makes you do noises and facial expressions you wouldn't dream of doing in a public gym. Highly recommend her. Driven, talented but more importantly she makes it fun.

"Meisha is an enthusiastic and highly motivated professional. As a regular marathon runner I was looking for someone who could help me maintain my fitness while injured and then improve my times after recovery. I was never keen on gym workouts, preferring track or road training however Meisha quickly converted me in to a gym enthusiast with her varied and focussed sessions which makes the gym fun and the training pay off. I recommend her to you - unless you are competing against me on the track, in which case I'll keep this to myself!'

"Meisha has changed my life, my mindset and my attitude to food! Once upon a time I used to binge eat and be a couch potato. Now I can't not go to the gym and have changed my habits to eat well and this is all because of Meisha! Highly recommend her no matter your goal. Constant motivation, inspiration and friend! Never known a personal trainer that is there whenever you need them by phone for constant support. Don't know what I'd do without her!"

"Meisha is an awesome coach, she has taught me and my husband things about training and eating and our lifestyle in general that will make us change our way for the rest of our life. In the 6 months we have been training with Meisha we have both seen huge changes to our size shape and fitness."

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